RV Healthy: Yo-Yo Diets

What is Yo-Yo Dieting? The cycle is never ending. Sylvia teaches us ways we can break the cycle









What is Yo-Yo Dieting?


Staying healthy on the road is a big challenge – regardless of RV, air travel, car or cruise.

If maintaining your target weight is a concern, you have to major adjustments in your routine choices. If not, the Yo-Yo effect is almost guaranteed.


  • It’s the process of being successful at dieting, but not maintaining your weight loss. The cycle is never ending. You try another diet just to be successful losing, and to again not maintain the weight loss.
  • Yo-Yo Dieters usually are “career” dieters. Meaning they have tried every diet out there and have been successful at losing, but then equally at being as unsuccessful at keeping the pounds off.
  • Many times the circumstances are because the diet they have tried has been too restrictive. The dieter in turn feels deprived of their favorite foods and when the diet is “over” in their minds it’s a time to go crazy with the foods they gave up. This extreme dieting cannot only cause depression or fatigue, but with the extreme dieting causes the lack of keeping the weight off. One of the most significant problems with the Yo-Yo Dieter, is the initial weight loss can bring both loss in fat and muscle mass, but the rapid regaining of the weight is only regaining of the fat. This is a cycle that changes the body’s fat-to-muscle ratio and is a huge factor in our overall health.
  • So even though there are a multitude of reasons you do not want to maintain a cycle of yo-yo dieting, one of them isn’t due to a decrease in metabolism. There is really no evidence proving that if you keep the yo-yo dieting up your metabolism begins to slow down causing you to not be able to lose weight as rapidly next time. What does become evident is the loss of focus, determination and belief you can lose the weight again.

So what are some things you can do if you are a yo-yo dieter?

  • Ask yourself some basic questions and learn to understand your answers and why you keep trying to lose the same weight over and over:
  • Do you feel deprived of certain foods on a weight-loss program?
  • What has helped (or not helped) in your past weight-loss efforts?
  • How do you feel about yourself when you’ve had a setback?
  • What are some past behaviors that hindered your weight-loss efforts?
  • Which of your life accomplishments can teach you successful tips?

Some tips to remember when deciding on another weight-loss program if you’ve had the previous yo-yo-dieting experience:

  • Begin with a better mind frame such as I will be successful in eating the proper foods for better health and wellness (vs I will lose X pounds this week).
  • Make smaller obtainable goals and reward yourself (without food) when you’ve accomplished them.
  • A weight-loss or health coach can be just what the doctor ordered! If you haven’t tried working with a coach that may be exactly what is needed for your long-term success in getting rid of those pounds for good!
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