DSLR: Lens Controls

Lens Controls







Understanding Controls:

  • Auto Focus: On/Off

Auto Focus On:

  • When taking normal photos and you want to use the focusing targets to be sure you have good subject focus.
  • Place the target on the part of the photo you want in focus; push the trigger half-way down and hold it; recompose the shot; push the trigger the rest of the way down to release the shutter.
  • When taking photos of subjects in motion or in rapid succession (action shots).

Auto Focus Off:

  • When taking photos you have pre-focused and don’t want the focal length to change between shots.
  • Use auto focus or manual focus while shooting on a tripod to be sure the portion of the image you are interested in is in focus, then turn auto focus off to maintain that focal length for several succeeding shots.
  • Pre-focus a shot in which you want to use the camera’s timer delay in order for you to join the other subject/s in the photo. After focusing, turn the auto focus off, turn on the shutter timer, push the trigger down all of the way, and joint the scene during the time the shutter is delayed.
  • When shooting extreme close-ups as with a macro lens. You can use auto focus to get the initial focus, then turn auto focus off and adjust the focus in minute movements of the manual focus ring until the area of the frame you wish to be in focus is sharp. Use a cable release or the shutter timer to take the photo. NOTE: Sometimes this condition also requires that you use mirror lockup to be sure the camera is still before taking the photo.

Image Stabilization: On/Off

  • IS On:
  • When shooting handheld shots or shots that require you to use slower shutter speeds than you would normally use.
  • When shooting handheld portraits use IS.
  • When shooting in low light use IS.
  • IS Off
  • When shooting on a tripod with or without flash.
  • I generally leave it on all of the time…some would disagree but I’ve had no problem yet. -Dennis
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