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Hunger Signals







One of the most important areas to address in a successful weight-loss program is how to determine your personal hunger signals and how to avoid emotional eating.

  • Are you really hungry or are you eating for other reasons? Many times when people eat they’re not really physically hungry. They are eating for various other reasons. How do you determine if you are really hungry or eating for those other reasons?
  • Ask yourself when was the last time you ate anything?
  • Ask yourself why do you want to eat?
  • Ask yourself are you hungry for the right food?
  • If you are physically hungry your stomach will be growling and your energy level will be plummeting.
  • If you are physically hungry healthy foods will sound appealing and not just sweet or salty foods.
  • If you are physically hungry it’s usually been four or more hours since you’ve eaten your last substantial meal.
  • Some things you need to address when monitoring your body’s hunger signals is how you feel when you want to grab some sweet or salty foods. Are you in a certain emotional state (for example, stressed, sad, mad, happy, bored?). If you are in an emotional state you more than likely want your favorite “red light foods” or those foods either sweet or salty that satisfy your emotional triggers.
  • Normally after you eat for hunger reasons, your stomach will have a feeling of fullness and you will feel satisfied. If you are eating for emotional reasons, after you eat there is no satisfaction and you will still want more of the same or even something else.
  • ## When food is not the answer, the ways to handle emotional hunger is:
  • Instead of eating when you’re bored – try to work with something that will make your brain engage such as a crossword puzzle or something similar.
  • Instead of eating when you’re stressed listen to music or run in place.
  • Instead of eating when you’re sad why not take a walk or call a friend.
  • Instead of eating when you’re angry go to an isolated spot and SCREAM OUT!
  • Instead of eating when you want to celebrate choose something that’s not food as a reward.

Determine what YOU’RE emotional eating triggers are and decide how you will handle them the next time you’re in that situation.