Fall foliage along the Mohawk Trail

Fall is coming up and with the season comes the opportunity for RVers to get out on the open road and see all the beautiful foliage .







If you’ve never been to New England in the fall, you should consider these next few months as the prime time to make the trip and see the leaves turn color. This region of the country is a photographer’s paradise, and those who have been getting tips from the RVNN show “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” will be ready to capture all the stunning colors on their trip.

There are many places that one can visit as they search for beautiful trees and leaves to take pictures of, but the Mohawk Trail in northwestern Massachusetts is considered to be one of the best. Reader’s Digest named this one of the Most Scenic Drives in America, and there are plenty of areas around this road where RVers can set up camp – and their tripods.

Those who have never been to Massachusetts might assume that Boston is the closest major city, but this area of the state is actually closer to Albany, New York, than Beantown. Still, Boston is ultimately not too far away for those who perhaps want to catch a Red Sox game during their journey. The main road you should be looking for is Route 2, which runs east-to-west and can be picked up off Interstate 91.

Northfield Mountain is a great place to get your first photographs of the trip. From the summit, which is not too difficult to hike, you’ll be able to get some truly magnificent views of this gorgeous part of the country. If you love the outdoors, this area has just about everything you could want – interesting wildlife and plenty of trails to navigate.

Shelburne Falls seems like a living stereotype. In this small town you’ll find apple orchards, old barns and plenty of historic buildings that look like they belong in 1776. Further along the trail, the village of Williamstown has a similar appeal.

For more photo opportunities, be sure to seek out Hairpin Turn, Whitcomb Summit and Mount Greylock. All offer sweeping panoramas that truly pop with color this time of year.