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The dreaded “M” word! What is it and how Do We Boost It?









  • Metabolism is something many people (especially women) say slows down after a certain age. Fact or Fiction and can we speed it up?
  • Metabolism is one of those words we use almost too frequently within the weight-loss or weight-gain vocabulary. We talk about our struggles after we gain during our holiday binge and say our metabolism isn’t working. Problem is many people don’t understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change.
  • Metabolism simply stated is the amount of energy (calories) the body burns to maintain itself. It’s the process by which the body converts food into energy. Whether you are eating, drinking, sleeping, cleaning, exercising, watching TV or sleeping, the body is always burning calories to keep you going.
  • Metabolism is also affected by your body composition, which is the amount of muscle you have versus fat. Muscle will use more calories to maintain itself than fat. So this is where a proper activity level is important for weight maintenance or weight loss.

There are 3 main areas to focus on to speed up your metabolism:

  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet (meaning your daily eating choices/habits
  • Exercise:
  • Cardiovascular, Strength Training and Variety (dance, swimming, yoga or playing tennis or golf).
  • Lifestyle:
  • Balancing work, family, hobbies and other commitments – what little things can you change in your regular day-to-day lifestyle that can make a significant effect???
  • Diet:
  • Calories, watch the foods you’re eating with regards to nutrients and calories. Make smart choices, get a good breakfast, and eat enough protein and good carbs.
  • Does metabolism change as we get older? Yes, but it has a lot to do with our lifestyle becoming much more sedentary such as working behind a desk, watching more TV, or sitting in front of a computer.
  • In a nutshell, the whole calorie/metabolism/weight gain thing is really just about excess energy. When there are too many calories in the body (too much energy from food) the body transforms those calories into “stuff” – FAT! Sometimes, yes the excess stuff can be transformed into muscle, but that is if you are currently active.
  • Sylvia recommends the FitBit for counting your daily activity!
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