Lighting your Photos

Natural light is not always our friend. Dennis teaches us tips and tricks about modifying light as we travel








Redirect ambient light – with a reflector.

  • Use a folding 5 in 1 reflector
  • Use a piece of white foam core
  • Use a piece of black foam core as a flag
  • Use a translucent reflector to diffuse direct sunlight
  • Use a black card to provide shade from direct sunlight
  • Use Artificial to supplement natural light
  • Use an on-camera flash for “fill light”
  • Bounce the light from the on-camera flash for softer fill light
  • Use a deflector on your on-camera flash
  • Use a diffuser on your on-camera flash
  • Use a strobe for fill light
  • Use a softbox on the strobe to diffuse the light
  • Use a beauty dish, with and without a sock to provide soft light
  • Use an umbrella to bounce or diffuse the strobe light
  • Use an LED light panel
  • Use filters on your lens
  • Use a neutral density filter to cut down on the brightness of sunlight
  • Use a circular polarizer to control reflections and cut down on light intensity
  • Use a lens shade to reduce lens flair
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