Pet Peeves

HeadHardHat was recently was visiting some geocaching forum sites and noticed







Geocaching Pet Peeves

Contest Question

  • Besides a great hiding spot and permission, what is the number one concern you should have about placing a geocache hide?

What are HeadHardHat’s Pet Peeves?

  • When there are muggled caches! Sad stuff! 🙁
  • I hate looking for a regular cache only to discover it’s really just a micro.
  • I went after a cache once that was listed as an ammo can. Looked everywhere an ammo can could possibly be, and after 30 minutes gave up and went home. Found out later it was really a micro, and the cache owner had forgotten to change the write-up.
  • My pet peeve here is about mean logs.
  • As a finder I hate finding unmaintained caches that are left by people on vacation that end up sitting all a mess until if/when the vacationer comes back.
  • I HATE wet caches. They are just simply disgusting. Even though I have a low find count, a surprising amount of those were WET! I hate it!
  • Micro’s in the woods! COME ON! 2,000 acres of forest and there is a film canister in a tree. At least give me some tupperware….. if you can’t find a hiding spot this big, you are not trying hard enough.
  • When there are 5 or 6 or 10 logs saying the log is full(on an abandoned cache) and people still go find it and complain it’s full. I mean that like asking for hot coffee and expecting it to be ice cold, common sense people! It’s not gonna magically get a new log, if you want one in there do it yourself….end mini-rant
  • Purposely soft coordinates to make it more “difficult.”
  • My biggest peeve is people who don’t close containers properly!
  • It’s also aggravating when people just sign wherever they want on the log and/or the just wad the log up instead of folding/rolling it back up neatly.
  • I absolutely loath when a CO labels a cache a T=1 when there’s no way a wheelchair bound person could make it there. And I will make mention of it in my logs.
  • People that leave containers out in the open because they found it that way.
  • Caches frozen in ice when Geocaching in Michigan during the winter.
  • Caches that are hidden in the winter and given no thought for summer brambles and other such growings!
  • Travel Bugs Going Missing. I hate seeing listings or new logs that people post making a bug drop recently only to find out that whoever took it never checked it out.
  • A complicated multi-cache that has only a micro to find at the final in a large wooded area which could accommodate a big box! We’ve done a few, because the hunt itself was fun and/or challenging, but I wish the CO had thought to provide a nice big container at the end with room to trade or leave TB’s!
  • I hate caches placed in sensitive ecological areas and are getting trampled on by seekers disturbing the natural surroundings.
  • Caches placed below flood prone areas that get washed away
  • LP and GR caches…meh
  • Caches placed along dangerous roads with no nearby safe parking area
  • Caches placed on ANY private property regardless of permission granted.
  • I would rather find a few quality caches than find a ton of junk caches.
  • Geocaches that resemble ANYTHING electrical in nature (switches, transformers, outlets, wiring, lamp posts, etc.)
  • Geocache containers that still bear military munitions markings (20 MM INCENDIARY ROUNDS, HIGH EXPLOSIVE, etc.)
  • Geocaches that hold multiple logbooks that span the entire life of the cache listing.
  • Geocaches that are specifically designed to resemble roadside trash like discarded water bottles, crushed Pepsi cans, cigar tubes, etc.
  • Geocaches with vague hints in high visibility locations that are impossible to search for without generating unwanted attention.
  • Pretty much each and every lamp post or guardrail cache that I ever wasted my time, effort, and Double A batteries on.
  • I’m glad I started geocaching when it was about quality, not quantity.
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