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Forest geocache site triggers call to bomb squad

“The Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad was called to a forested area northeast of Woodland on Sunday for a suspicious object that turned out to be part of a prop high-tech treasure hunt for hobbyists . . . ”



Contest Question

  • When and from what country was the first geocoin produced and sold to the public?
  • Bruno Vela:
  • A possible topic: One of the things that I wonder about is “how environmental friendly” is geocaching? Yes, some of us might practice CITO …the gc-guidelines might say that we don’t put nails in trees and stuff… but what is the carbon footprint of cachers that drive miles and miles to get to more caches… isn’t geocaching environmental unfriendly ??
  • Dave DeBaeremaeker
  • LPCs as a torture device. Give the inmates a power trail of LPC hides… after an hour they will tell you everything they know just to stop.
  • On a more serious note, taking a page from +Chris Umphenour’s QotD, a discussion on cemetery hides may be interesting.
  • Some folks think cemeteries are very interesting places to visit and hold a lot of historical interest. Others think it is disrespectful to play games over peoples’ graves.
  • Other considerations that could be discussed along these lines: Placing containers in cemeteries – good/bad? If good, where (i.e. not where walking on graves or stepping on headstones are required) – or use info-only waypoints for puzzle or multi-caches. Hours of operation (most cemeteries are daylight only), getting permission of course. Also some states ban game playing on cemetery grounds, others do not.
  • This may be expanded to discuss proper caching etiquette around religious places (Churches, synagogues, mosques etc.) in that one should respect when services are in progress and cache at other times.
  •  Scott Seegars
  • In SC it is illegal to be in a cemetery during nighttime hours.
  • Jeff Bennett
  • How about starting a club and recruiting new cachers.
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