Planning Happy Healthy Holidays










  • This is the time that some relish for, but other has a difficult time with. The large crowds, family you don’t see often and maybe even family you don’t necessarily get along with. How do we make this a happy, healthy time?
  • Plan for the worse!
  • Prepare things for kids to do.
  • Make meal items in advance.
  • Use plastic and paper serving items whenever possible.
  • Have “jobs” for certain family members to do and ask in advance.


  • This is where some of us feel we have so much to do, but so little time to get ready. This is also a time we feel is chaotic! So how do we get through our home preparation whether it is for family visiting or just for our own holiday celebration?
  • Beginning a few weeks in advance, make a list.
  • Each week have something you will do to prepare such as wash curtains, vacuum blinds and windowsills, wash windows or clean baseboards.
  • VolunTOLD family members to assist you with some of your list.
  • Let go of the guilt if not all you want gets done.
  • Keep It Simple when planning on what you need to do.


  • Gifts, gifts and more gifts! Why do we think we need to not only buy everyone a gift, but also make sure it’s the perfect gift??? How can we manage this with family, friends and those extras we need in case someone gives us a gift?
  • Financially prepare with a Christmas club account.
  • For larger families, draw to purchase just for one family member.
  • Make some of the gifts (handmade makes some of the best presents)
  • Give of your TIME! Elderly, children, parents, etc. need time more than gifts.
  • Hand make gift certificates. It can be for time, lunch, cleaning, errands and many other things. This will extend the gift throughout the year!


  • “WHAT? NO! We can’t diet during the holidays!!! We need to wait until after the New Year!” I hear this so many times, but it’s definitely the wrong answer. This is the perfect time of year to begin a weight-loss program and eat healthy.
  • It’s great to be looking good in those family pictures.
  • It feels really good when you see a family member you haven’t seen for a long time and they say, “WOW, you look GREAT!”
  • If you begin early then you will know how to manage food during the holiday parties and gatherings.
  • YOU will be the person who loses weight and not the statistic that gains weight during the holidays.
  • You will feel in control and powerful during a time of year that can be stressful to so many others!!!
  • Traveling during the holidays? Sylvia reminds us of tips and tricks to make healthier choices: Restaurant Strategy

This year’s Healthy Holidays:

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