Guest Cacher: Dave DeBaere

Guest cacher, Dave “DeBaere” DeBaeremaeker Guest Cacher “DeBaere”








Contest Question

  • When was the first geocache placed in Canada?
  • Answer

Guest Cacher, Dave “DeBaere” DeBaeremaeker

  • Name and where do you live?
  • Dave DeBaeremaeker, from Canada, now living in North Carolina.
  • What’s your geocaching alias?
  • DeBaere
  • How long have you been geocaching?
  • I started in July of 2008.
  • Number of finds?
  • 1,779 (as of 10.16.12)
  • What got you interested in geocaching?
  • I was working in Belgium for 4 months, and a co-worker suggested geocaching, so we did. I found my first 5 caches in Belgium.
  • Where have you geocached?
  • Belgium, Ireland, all over the US, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Are there any big differences, likes/dislikes?
  • The caches in Canada are more historical. Cache descriptions haven’t been as dense in other areas. Silicon Valley caches are clever and you’ll find a lot of puzzle caches. The east coast is a mix of everything. It’s nice to see the differences as you travel around.
  • What type of geocaches do you like to find? Woods/Urban?
  • Anyplace that takes me somewhere new and interesting. Ideally, it’d be outdoors and in the wilderness.
  • Future Geocaching Goals
  • I have a few. I’ve been keeping them low, since I just welcomed a new daughter. Match my find count from last year, which is 2 finds a day. I’ve been able to keep up with it, so far!
  • Dave travels a lot geocaching with other geocachers. Do you geocache with your family?
  • Favorite HeadHardHat quote from Dave:“Integrate geocaching into your every day life.”
  • Favorite Geocaching Story?
  • I have many! I could fill up the whole show, but one that was interesting in California a couple weeks ago. I went to find a cache about 2 blocks away from the Google headquarters. As I was opening the cache, there were a couple of people walking towards
  • What’s been your most difficult find?


  • What’s your favorite hide and why?
    • Geocaching with other geocachers?


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