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Central Washington

Lind Combine Demolition Derby

  • Like clockwork, every 2nd weekend of June, Lind, Washington hosts the Lind Combine Demolition Derby. Haven’t heard of Lind? Don’t feel bad, it’s a small town in Washington with a population of 564 people, according to the 2012 Census Survey.
  • What’s the derby consist of? Well, it’s a farm truck rally and then gear-on-gear , demo style combine death match. You won’t want to miss this.
  • Captain and Clark think this is definitely worth the trip to Lind and enjoyed the local brews on tap in the beer garden.

Lake Lenore Caves

  • The caves at Lake Lenore are over as old as the glaciers that shaped the coulee and have been used for over 5000 years as a place of rest for local tribes. Today they provide a soul quenching view and a great hike up into the basalt playgrounds of central Washington.
  • “If you’re driving through Washington it might be worth it to go the long way.” -Captain and Clark


  • Small town Wenatchee has a lot of outdoor activities and little nooks to explore.
  • One of the best hidden treasures in this small agricultural town in Ohme Gardens. In a town where 99% of the surrounding area is arid scrubland there sits a lush garden built in the 1920′s. This cool oasis is full of reflective pools and gorgeous views. It’s a State gem that shouldn’t be missed.
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