Halloween and Holidays for Pets

Be sure your pets make Halloween a treat, not a trick, or trip to the clinic.









Pet Halloween Safety


  • Treats are great, but even humans have to have all in moderation. For some of our human treats, there needs to be zero tolerance. Also, wide variety of rich holiday foods can land them with a pretty ripping GI episode.
  • Chocolate
  • Raisins, Grapes, etc
  • Wrappers and Containers
  • Seeds
  • Garbage cans


  • Foot traffic – four footed doorbells
  • Practical Jokers – keep outdoor pets inside
  • Guests in house – cats can get stressed (urinary issues!), unsocialized dogs
  • Costumes – pets need to be socialized to all kinds of things. Even Cinderella can look scary. Pets make different associations than we do.

Pet personal safety

  • Costumes on pets – common sense:
  • No streamers, anything tight around the neck or legs, unobstructed plumbing, pet’s comfort level.
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