Wellness for Pets

Is your pet healthy as a horse, or really sick as a dog? Dr. Windy’s shows why it is important to have regular medical care for our pets









Pet Wellness Care

  • There’s a lot more than just shots, or “he’s mostly inside, he’s fine.”


  • What kind of lifestyle does your pet have?
  • Home body?
  • Traveller?
  • Indoors, outdoors, dog parks, groomers, camping, etc.
  • Food habits, activities, what do you notice at home about your pet?


  • These may vary from annually to every 6 months, to every 3 or 4 if they have a specific health problem. Many more things that can happen to a pet than fights and infectious diseases.
  • Combine what you observe at home with what we can see, touch, hear. (Exam stats for wellness care)
  • Common and Usual do not equal Normal

Preventive Care

  • _Vaccinations:
  • Preventable diseases, some are zoonotic! Rabies still required by law in many states, even for your indoor only cat!
  • Parasite preventives: Yes, even your indoor cat. Heartworm, zoonoses!

Nutritional Management

  • Obesity, unbalanced or low quality foods, lower their risk for a dozen diseases.
  • Dental Care
  • Behavioral Development

Early Detection Screening

  • Fecal test, heartworm, bloodwork, urine, rads, etc. age and breed specific (large breed dogs and hips and stifles, cats kidneys,etc)
  • Organ reserves, hard wired cats and dogs predator/scavenger instincts

What we can’t see on a physical or at home:

  • It is always cheaper and easier and more successful to find problems early and small.

Owner Education

  • Why do we need to do these things?
  • Learn about the problems, diseases that can happen (feline heartworm, etc)
  • Baselines, subclinical problems:
  • What do we do about it if we find a problem?
  • How do I maximize my pet’s longevity AND comfort/quality of life?
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