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Emergencies are never convenient. Prevent if you can, be prepared with







Pet Insurance

  • There is no doubting the fact that pets have all kinds of advantages for us and our families.
  • Lower blood pressure, risks for certain health problems, help communication in children, examples of unconditional love.
  • Because of all these benefits, pets are seen as an entitlement, and they really are a privilege.
  • Need to know you are getting the right pet as we have discussed, and be ready for taking responsibility for them financially.
  • More than food and treats and toys.
  • Routine Veterinary Care:_
  • One of the most impactful things you can do to keep your pet healthy and happy and minimize the cost of their care.
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • Pediatric exams and vaccination series may cost a few hundred dollars. Parvo treatment: $600-1200, not every puppy survives.

Heartworm in Cats:

  • Year’s worth of prevention vs. lifelong lung treatment IF they survive.

Heartworm in Dogs

  • Year round prevention vs. lifelong management of slow killer (no treatment available right now)
  • Financially an impact but of course can’t forget the impact on the pet – pain, disease, etc.
  • Other thing we have to have a plan for is how to take care of unexpected.
  • Because most veterinary hospitals are not in the position to turn themselves into loan institutions, “trust me till next Friday”, or ‘can’t you just bill me” is usually not going to be sufficient. Small businesses who rely on the payment for their services to keep up with labor costs, supplies, etc.
  • Credit card rewards, Care Credit, Automatic Debiting, but what if it’s not there? Having a third party help pay!
  • Pet Insurance:
  • Don’t endorse any particular one, but strongly advise you to check them out and discuss with your veterinarian on ones they have experience with.
  • Many will have a deductible or co-pay, or will have you pay for services and then reimburse you for what they cover. Some have turn-around times of a week or less.
  • Understand what it covers ahead of time! Preventive care, major medical, inherited problems.
  • Veterinarian of your choosing.
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