Are You Secure Online?

Keeping Your Digital World Safe


Phil “The Master of Gadgets” May of and RVNN’s own Andy McCaskey are here to explain the tricky world of staying safe when you’re doing things like shopping online. How do you know if a web site is secure when you enter our credit card number to order a campsite or to order a gift for a loved one? Phil is here to answer all your concerns about the safety of your information from a classic American restaurant: McDonald’s.


by Neil King

Staff Writer

The fist step is to be secure about your password. The passwords you use should be as secure if not more so that the combination you would use on a safe with your most precious valuables in them. This means, as Phil explains, don’t use your name, or your partner’s name, or your child’s name, etc. Instead pick something that would be hard for someone else to guess. The second step, as Phil demonstrates with a picture of a friends laptop, is don’t write that password down! You can only be so safe if someone can just look over you shoulder as you pull a slip of paper and read your password.

The internet can be a tricky road full of dead ends and digital flat tires. Phil May is here to help you navigate the super information highway safely on this episode of GadgetPlex!


Today’s GadgetPlex:

  • Internet Security
  • How to Choose a Password
  • Where to Keep Your Password (Hint: Not in Your Wallet)


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